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A computer system and method support foreign exchange (FX) forward trading for both order posting and execution. The system includes a central server for tracking currency trades; a plurality of trading workstations; and at least one remote server interfacing the easy-forex trading workstations to the central server, with the at least one remote server mediating the currency trades between traders using the workstations by consulting pre-set trading configurations associated with each trader. Currency brokers and traders use the system through a plurality of data input and display screens to deal in currency forwards in an efficient manner. The system and method support both voice and electronic data to interface with existing trading systems such as voice-based networks, permitting order entry anywhere in the world. The system includes features such as the filtering of entities by specified criteria such as bad credit, bad geography, etc. using the pre-set trading configurations associated with each trader, so that such filtered entities are not even displayed to a trader for easy-forex review; request for quotes functions, in which up to eight people can be selected and stored in a database who a trader is willing to trade with; and a penalty box for not trading or displaying trades of an annoying trader.

Inventors: Weston; Brian A. (Katonah, NY), Jacoby; Glenn (Upper Saddle River, NJ), Walker; Simon Gerald Briton (Surrey, GB)

Assignee: Bloomberg L.P. (New York, NY)
Appl. No.: 09/476,935

Filed: December 30, 1999

International commodity trade exchange

An International Commodity Trade Exchange having a central exchange post for providing international commodity information (forex time machine) and a plurality of local exchanges in at least two countries around the world. A plurality of user computer terminals are coupled to each of the local exchanges and can request and receive data representing marketing information directly from the central exchange host and transmit data representing bids and offers to any other user terminal around the world through the local exchanges, easy forex and the host exchange. The communication takes place through a satellite communication network thereby allowing traders associated with any particular local exchange to trade in a selected market with any other trader associated with any other local exchange at any member site located in any country around the world.

Inventors: Sibley, Jr.; H. C. (Dallas, TX)

Appl. No.: 06/658,360

Filed: October 5, 1984

Partipant: Bill Poulos Forex Time Machine



This disclosure is directed to an apparatus and method of automatically, anonymously and equitably buying and selling fungible properties between subscribers. The specific embodiment described in the disclosure relates to the buying and selling of securities on the easy-forex platform wherein a communication system pursuant to this invention is described which permits institutional investors to communicate anonymously with each other for the purpose of arranging block trades of listed and over-the-counter securities. Said system comprises a centralized data storage unit, a digital computer, a plurality of subscriber terminals and a plurality of communication links established there between. The method of the system comprises the steps of (1) booking unfilled buy offers including associated price and quantity parameters on a buy offer list in a priority sequence according to a first predetermined program, (2) easy-forex booking unfilled sell offers including associated price and quantity parameters on a sell offer list in a priority sequence according to a second predetermined program, (3) comparing in said priority sequence, the price and quantity parameters of each incoming offer with the corresponding parameters of each offer on the complementary one of said lists, (4) transacting said received offer with the higher priority offers on said complementary list if said incoming offer can be matched against one or more offers on the complementary offer list, and (5) placing the untransacted portion of said received offer on the corresponding easy forex one of said lists in a priority sequence according to the corresponding one of said predetermined programs if said incoming offer cannot be completely matched against offers on complementary offer list.